I May Not be Happy But Their Choices Are Their Own: Katrina on Ranbir Working With Deepika

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone stole the limelight from everything else in Bollywood the past one month. The two hottest co-stars of Bollywood were in the news during their aggressive promotional events and their movie Tamasha.The movie itself was an intense, romantic and passionate story that even involved a lip lock. So what does Ranbir's girlfriend Katrina Kaif think about all this?

Katrina recently commented that Tamasha is an outstanding movie and that Ranbir was superb in it. However, in a recent interview with GQ, Katrina put forward her actual thoughts on her handsome boyfriend working with his ex-girlfriend, Deepika. 
Katrina said when asked about Ranbir working with Deepika, "I can't enforce my will on the people in my life. Their choices are their own. I may not be happy with them but I hope that as they mature or as they evolve, their choices will change!"
Well, that says it all, doesn't it?


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