Friday, November 27, 2015

Tamasha Movie Review

Phir kya hua? Majnu ne liye kapde phaar, beech bazaar phir ek baar... dekh Tamasha. That's one thing that stands true about the film - Dekh Tamasha. It is undoubtedly Imtiaz's boldest work till date. If you thought that a woman walking out on her husband right after her wedding or a woman falling in love with the man who abducted her, was his bravest work, wait till you watch Tamasha. The maverick borrows his basic idea from Rajkumar Hirani's 3 Idiots but places it in a romantic set-up and has sheer fun with it. 

A lot of what transpires in Tamasha happens subconsciously, which Ali's actors bring out beautifully on screen. No two people were better suited for Tamasha than Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Even in a sketchy character, Padukone shines. She is the film's anchor and it is her performance that brings out the best from Ranbir. She is elegant, graceful and palpable. RK goes a notch above his role in Rockstar. He invests wholeheartedly in his character, surrenders to each mood of Ved, so effortlessly yet skillfully. He shifts from being Don to a corporate slave in a matter of seconds and conveys it merely by a look or his demeanour. When he goes to meet Tara on the night of his break-up party, his tirade begins on a polite note, his pitch rises by the second. It is beautifully written scene where RK plays both Ved and Don. It is the credit of an actor who can exhibit so many shades in a scene. Every time Ved looks at the mirror, you'll be compelled to look at the complexities of your life. The dreams you didn't pursue , the decisions you are proud of. Ved will connect to all. 
Two people have a one vacation stand in Corsica. Four years later, the two meet in Delhi again. The girl is the same, instantly falls for him all over again, dresses up for dates, is giddy after kisses, clearly has butterflies in her stomach. The man is far from the image she has in mind. He talks about Japan being an emerging brand in the culinary world contrary to talking to the hills and drinking water from a pond. She tries finding her Don in the Ved who has lost himself to the mundaneness of world. When he proposes to her, she says she loves someone else - who looks like him but isn't him.
Tamasha is sizzling, seductive and gorgeous. For any art lover, the film is a spectacle. It brings together too many stories but running through them is Ved's. The world is forcing him to be mediocre. His final speech to his dad about how the world is running a race without knowing what race it is or where are they running to makes perfect sense. Are we moving towards mediocrity without questioning? Why not run a race in which you win and not just be average!
Imtiaz challenges notions like always but this time he makes his hero go neurotic , snap at random strangers, bond with rickshaw drivers over their common pain - dard usko bhi wahi thi. 
Tamasha is not a romantic comedy but it is breathtaking. It will knock the wind out of you. It is the kind of love that changes you, brings out you real self - sometimes ugly, very eccentric, absolutely weird but equally lovable. Imtiaz's films cast that spell, catapults you into a parallel world and this time he pulls it off better than ever before. Give your conflicted side a chance, it probably can do better than people say. And as for Imtiaz, take a bow for Agar Tum Saath Ho - a scene that is gut-wrenchingly painful, for the spark in Ranbir's eye when his father tells him - yeh wala hero best hai, for returning Mona Darling her Don and mostly, for giving hope to the average people to go find their extraordinary side.
Thank God, you had the courage to go find the space between dil and dimaag and give us an inspired story that triumphs. Thank you for not giving the same story! 
We rate this film a 65% 

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