Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dishoom Movie Review

Expect Dishoom to knock you out. What more can you ask from a day when Mumbai monsoons are getting the better of you? Well, we went in hoping for two hours of mindless fun and the Dishoom boys - John,  Varun and Akshaye,  sure know how to show the audience a good time. A pat on Rohit Dhawan's back for the perfect casting. The man-hulk John is in his steely, grim, brooding best. Flexing his muscles, flaunting his biceps and glaring intensely, he owns Kabir with elan. This Munnabhai finds a befitting Circuit in Varun Dhawan. His man-child,  masala boy act is adorable. He makes Junaid endearing. After Badlapur, one would've assumed that Varun is all about insightful characters. But watch this film and you'll know that the Dhawan genes in him are never too far away. There are very few actors who can make buffoonery look affable and Varun seems to be having so much fun at his job that you can't help be wooed. Right in the first few scenes of the movie,  you'll be reminded of the Hollywood flick Bad Boys. The references are hard to miss but that hardly deters Rohit from making a rousing concoction of the best bromantic movies of Hollywood.  Clichéd, predictable and equally entertaining, Rohit wins this wager. 

A top batsman is kidnapped two days before an epic India Pakistan match. Reason - the cricketer refused to be bought over by a scheming bookie's fat cheques. The abduction is the only way of keeping him down and out from a detrimental match.  A Special Task officer is brought upon to nab the culprit and bring the hero back on pitch. The chase takes us through unexplored harems in an unknown underground city.  The eye soother in this film is the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez,  who joins the boys to find the champ before the match. The camaraderie, the chemistry is infallible. The trio put together a spectacular show. 
The film's writing is crisp (though faulty at places), every scene is well etched, every character is well sketched and every action scene is pitch perfect. There is glamorous, larger than life, slick action.  Men fly but this time the power of cinema wins over the action director's gimmicky vein. You want to to suspend logic for sometime and believe that's how cops fight. John at action is top notch and surprisingly Varun matches his energy efficiently. Yes, the clichés are in galore but there is nothing as satisfying as a well done film. 
But what doesn't work is Jacqueline. While she ups the oomph in the film, her character also cuts into the film's pace. Logic is the last thing on the mind of the writers here. How the STF is involved in a case in which the abductor doesn't demand ransom seems right out of a no brainer? But Rohit doesn't allow you to ponder much on the pitfalls. There are fashionable fiestas,  droolworthy men,  dangerous chases and a menacing villain. 
Akshaye Khanna has a small role in the film but the actor does a fine act. He is still the man you loathed in Race andHumraaz. He is an effortless baddie, matching the vigour of John and Varun ably. It was a surprise that despite the lack of a well fleshed character, he makes Wagah appealing. The evil streak and his sturdy acting skills makes his act compelling. 
Akshay Kumar is smashing in his crackling cameo. Reserve the best thing for the movie. Let's just say we hooted for the man bun.
The film's interesting premise gives it a refreshing feel. The plot could be threadbare but the breezy narrative keeps it pleasant. While the film rides delightfully in the first half, the contrivances begin appearing post hour.  With every predictable scene, the film is a little more derailed. It all feels a little lackluster in the climax but committed performances help the show sail through well.  A large reason why you like the movie is because of its ability to make you enjoy.  Pritam deserves due credit for the sassy songs which lighten the mood of the film.  There could've been more tension considering the genre but you make do with just the thrills, as the end can be spotted from a distance.  
Applaud the screen presence of Varun Dhawan, the camaraderie between him and John, the latter's chiseled physique, the low emo fluff (thankfully) and everyone who decided to come together for a movie that looks like everyone is having a blast. To get John to do that is often an insurmountable task but The Dhawan brothers make sure Dishoom is trippy. It is a good looking, pacy movie that flaunts bling, stunts and babes. Dishoom is well made and is a hell lot of fun. 
We rate the movie a 60%

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