Bipasha on LEAKED video with Karan Singh Grover: It's disgusting

Saturday, November 7, 2015
Bipasha Basu recently visited alleged boyfriend Karan Singh Grover on the sets of his upcoming film 3Dev in Patna, reviving rumours of their relationship.
Though Bipasha and KSG both have denied it and call themselves 'just friends', the pictures and videos suggest something else. In fact, a leaked video of the two working out together two months back, had gone viral and people assumed that the two are dating each other.
In an interview with DNA, Bipasha reacted to the leaked video. She said, "That wasn’t a workout video! A trainer called Abbas was collecting videos of pull-ups for World Pull-up Day. He did my pull-up, Then shot Karan and the other members of the gym. We did a two-people routine (where she was straddling him as he did the pull-ups) and that was posted. I like to work out and it wasn’t leaked or anything. Abbas posted it and then people with filthy minds took it in a different way. It’s disgusting!"
Meanwhile, Bipasha, who is working on her fourth work-out video, when asked if this one will feature KSG, pat came the reply, "No. Because I am mostly catering to women. Karan will do his own male workout video if he wants to."
Point noted Bips!


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