Shocking: Priyanka's ex-secretary spews venom against her on Twitter!

Monday, October 19, 2015
Looks like some ghosts of past doesn't leave a person easily. Priyanka Chopra has been embroiled in a nasty controversy a couple of years ago when her ex-secretary, Prakash Jaaju, who had spent 67 days in the prison for allegedly threatening Priyanka. Jaaju had later joined hands with Aseem Merchant, PC's boyfriend when she had started modelling, to make a biopic on the actress titled 67 Days. Jaju had claimed that Priyanka owed him a large amount of money. The actor’s late father Dr Ashok Chopra then filed a police complaint against the manager, citing false accusations and threatening of the family members. But Jaaju, who was lying low for some time, has sprung back again, and this time via social media, is targetting PC and her mother, Madhu Chopra, all over again. Jaaju has posted numerous tweets in the last two days and by the read of them, they are not in good taste by any means. Jaaju's outrage against PC started in 2004 when she terminated his contract with her. The way Jaaju is on a roll on Twitter, things can only get nastier from here.

Priyanka hasn't reacted on the same till yet. Let's see, how this goes from here. Here are a few tweets which Jaaju has shared:


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