Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Actress Makes Out with the Producer of her Next Film at the Director's Birthday Bash - Guess Who?

This single actress, who often comes across as a shy person in media, often lets her hair down when chilling and partying with her friends and colleagues. The latest we hear is that the pretty actress partied really hard at her upcoming movie's director's birthday bash.
Though the media didn't get a hint about the celebration, a little birdie gave us some juicy yet shocking deets from their oh-so-private bash!
While the friends and colleagues were busy enjoying the party, this Actress got a little more than cozy with her casanova producer. The producer and his gorgeous actress were caught making out at the party, much to the surprise of the people present there.
Well, now this is indeed a little surprising for us, given that the actress has always maintained a touch-me-not stand, ever since she has been considered amongst the top actors' league! 
Any guesses about whom are we talking about?

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