Father's Day For Fardeen and His Doll Diani!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

 Fardeen Khan had a very special Father's Day with daughter Diani Isabella Khan. The father and daughter headed to the beach and built sand castles! Now, isn't that just adorable? Fardeen shared the pictures on his social networking handle and wrote, "My pride. My love. My happiness."

When Diani was born in 2013, Fardeen and spoken about her saying, "We've named her Diani Isabella Khan. It means 'divinity' in Portuguese. It's also a beach town near Mombassa where Natasha had conceived. My mom suggested we call the baby Diani. As for Isabella it's been my favourite name for a long time. It exudes such beauty and delicacy. So, Diani Isabella Khan is my bundle of joy."


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