Make Way For Bollywood's Newest Controversy Queen - Deepika Padukone

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
She is a perfect example of a transformation tale. From being dubbed a ‘non actor’, to being applauded as a performing star, Deepika Padukone has come a long, long way in the last 3 years. Even as her fan base & industry influence grows,her statements and actions often find her at awkward situations. Is that deliberate or a consequence of becoming a star of stratospheric proportions? Take a look at the recent turns of phrases from Deepika, and make up your mind.
Deepika & Kangana: "I hate You but I love You!”
Gone are the days when heroines cackled and clawed at each other; when Kareena Kapoor dubbed her co actor Bipasha Basu ‘a kali billie (a black cat)’ and made no bones about their mutual dislike. To be honest, we loved the gossip!

These days, the two leading ladies riding a crest of fame & appreciation are mutually keeping up appearances of admiration; even as they make catty comments about each other. Deepika Padukone’s and Kangana Ranaut's snub-dub-snub-love-snub game keeps us hooked.
First, Kangana got irked when Deepika dedicated a Best Actress award last year to her contemporary; Kangana preferred that her colleagues honour her choice of not attending Bollywood awards. She also stated that she would have liked it more, had Deepika called her in person rather than make a public display of magnanimity. Next thing we know, Deepika calls Kangana and this bit makes news! Deepika reacted to this by saying that she found her phone call making news as ‘amusing’. Then Kangana attends Deepika’s ‘Piku’ screening, Deepika skips the ‘TWMR’ screening claiming she is ‘tired’ (considering she was shooting nights for ‘Bajirao Mastani’). Kangana, who had also turned up for the Piku success bash, feels snubbed.
Next thing we know, Deepika attends a success party for TWMR at it’s producer, Krishika Lulla’s place; and Kangana leaves without greeting her! Also, we hear that Dippy is discussing ‘cinema’ with Anand L Rai, the TWMR director.
They mutually reach out but don’t quite hit home; and we believe the cold war will continue for some time.
‘Technical Travesty’- the Amitabh Bachchan Non Invitation
Deepika has won accolades for her role in ‘Piku’. And Mr Bachchan, whose character is key to this father- daughter relationship story, seems to have slipped off the radar of the gush in the post Piku euphoria. Of course, genuine cinema watchers & admirers ensured that hats were doffed to Mr Bachchan’s brilliant performance.
Matters got complicated when Big B was missing from Deepika’s success bash for Piku; and the film legend spoke about how he was ‘not invited’. Even though Deepika has clarified that there was a technical glitch’ because of which this omission happened, and that she is too embarrassed to call him over this, her explanation seems baffling.
Mr Bachchan meanwhile, has spoken to key media recently; making it a point to speak highly about Kangana Ranaut’s talent & potential. Put it all together, and it’s clear as crystal that Mr Bachchan & Deepika are not on the friendliest of terms presently. We think that’s a pity.
Deepika- Ranveer Singh (To Be and Yet Not To Be)
She sashays into Mehboob Studios amidst DDD interviews to spend some time with her beau; he chooses to rehearse for this IIFA hosting days ahead of schedule to make it to her parents’ wedding anniversary; and yet, the couple won’t make it official. She also nurses him through his injured shoulder phase.
While Ranveer has gushed in the past and said he is ‘lucky to have her’, Deepika insists on calling him a ‘friend’. They posed for photographs at the Piku success bash together and looked absolutely lovely; but no, they just won’t admit to their love story!
Sigh. About this picture perfect ‘Bajirao Mastani’ couple...all we can say is, its about time, don’t you think?
Deepika- RK (and Kat): Friends Forever?
To understand the true nature of why Deepika & Ranbir's fairy tale romance went wrong, and it’s after effects, one needs to read in between the lines. Dippy was supposed to be not popular with RK’s mother Neetu Singh. In a rare interview to TOI, Neetu had mentioned that she wasn’t happy about a certain girlfriend leading to anxiety in her son’s life & affecting his work. And she had carefully hinted that said lady is Not his current lady love, Katrina Kaif. On her part, Deepika, a fiercely independent girl and proud daughter, had spoken her mind on the infamous Koffee with Karan episode.
While all the animosity is behind them, Deepika & Ranbir often compliment each other before the media. They reunite onscreen in Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Tamasha’. She also empathised with the failure of ‘Bombay Velvet’ and said that perhaps RK and Kat omitted attending her Piku success bash to get over a tough phase in her career. To quote from her interview to Mumbai Mirror, she said,
“I can understand them not wanting to party since I’ve gone through similar phases in my career"
Yet, both RK & Katrina, as is often the case, haven’t said anything about their reasons for not attending this party. While Deepika keeps making friendly overtures, it would be interesting to know how Ranbir and Katrina, a private couple,actually react to this bit for we never get to know!
After all that is said and done, Deepika Padukone’s determination & talent stand above all these headline grabbing stories. We think her turn in ‘Tamasha’ has already whetted the appetite of her friends & admirers. Let the ‘Tamasha’ begin! Overtures apart, it’s her work that should do most of the talking.


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