Rakhi Sawant: I want Virat to make my lips swell like Anushka's

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
The mirchi of Bollywood, motor-mouth Rakhi Sawant has done it yet again! While the nation is raving about Virat’s open declaration of love for Anushka Sharma, Rakhi Sawant is doing somewhat the same for the cricketer. But in a not-so-decent-way!
Rakhi was a spa launch in Mumbai, and that is where she made a bold and cheeky proposal to Virat. She was quoted saying, “I like Virat a lot and Anushka hasn’t confessed publicly as yet. But I am confessing that I Love You, Virat. I really like Virat a lot because I want him to make my lips swell. If you can make Anushka’s lips swell then you can make mine too, quickly”.
With this public confession of raunchy love, Rakhi has added new quote in her gibberish book of quotes. She is actually so bad that she is good. Time and again, Rakhi stuns us with her totally absurd statements!


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