Sahil Khan submits intimate photographs with Ayesha Shroff

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
In the latest development of the Sahil Khan-Ayesha Shroff case, the actor’s lawyer produced some intimate photographs of the two stars claiming that they did not just have a professional relationship.
Ayesha had filed a case against Sahil, who was also her former business partner, in November for cheating her of Rs.5 crore. She had said that the actor did not return her the money that she gave him to buy some gifts for her family. She claimed he bought a Mercedes, an expensive watch and earrings for himself using her money.

According to Mid-Day, in Sahil’s anticipatory bail hearing on Monday, the actor’s lawyer said, “The prosecution is alleging that Sahil did not give back the gifts which Ayesha had asked him to buy with the money given by her for an expensive car for her husband, an expensive watch and a pair of diamond earrings. If she is saying that theirs was a business relationship, why did she ask Sahil to buy all this for her?”
“I also want to submit the compromising photographs of Sahil and Ayesha, which will prove what kind of relationship they had. It will be better if this session is in camera, as asked by Sahil himself,” he added.
Ayesha’s lawyer, on the photographs, said that the case is of cheating and not about personal relations, adding, “The court should not entertain the photographs as they do not concern the matter at hand. Also, if you (the defence) are showing such photos, we need the source as they could be morphed. We need Sahil’s custody so that we can investigate about the cheating, the gifts that he has not given back and about the phone from which the pictures were taken.”
The final hearing on the case is scheduled for Wednesday.


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