‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 86: Upen threatens to kill Gautam

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
The episode starts with the telecast of a serious fight between Sonali and Ali on the night of Day 85. Sonali finds her cigarettes missing and she raises a hue and cry for them. Praneet discusses the matter with her and shares how even his ciggies went missing a few days back. Sonali suspects Ali for stealing her candies (cigarettes) but Ali swears on his mother to rub off the allegation.
However, when Sonali holds on to her belief and accuses Ali again, he loses his cool and throws off the fragile cutlery on the ground. Sonali refuses to back off from her stand but an enraged Ali is brought under control by Puneet and others.
The next morning, Upen is seen in a frustrated state ready to pick on a fight with anyone. An argument ensues between Dimpy and Upen when the latter refuses to help Ali in cleaning the bedroom. Upen insists on doing the dishes but looking at him sitting idle, Dimpy suggests him to help Ali in cleaning as well. But a moody Upen refuses to take up the work and goes on saying things to Dimpy.

After a while, Gautam enters the house and sees Upen staring at him in an angry mood. When Gautam asks Upen why he was giving him angry stares, the latter says seeing the former’s face ruined his day. Gautam gets agitated and begins answering Upen in the same vein. He tells Upen to not to mess with him or he will give him Punjabi punch. Upen, on his part, says he would show Gautam how a Londoner’s punch is like. He further threatens to destroy the symmetry of Gautam’s face.
The fight gets messy as the duo try getting physically violent. However, Puneet intervenes to stop Upen while Ali and Pritam come forward to control Gautam.
Somehow, the men of the house take the duo away in different directions. Pritam and Praneet pacify Upen saying Gautam is a psycho and should be left alone.
Gautam, on the other hand, gets emotional speaking to Dimpy about how Upen dared to harm his face when he has survived in the industry for 7 years all by himself. He tells BB that he can’t take the nonsense from Upen any longer.
Soon, as a breath of fresh air, BB announces the luxury budget task of the week called Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na.
The housemates are divided into 2 teams comprising – Praneet, Sonali, Puneet and Upen on one side, whereas Gautam, Ali, Pritam and Dimpy are put in another team. Karishma is asked to facilitate the task.
As per the rules of the game, only one team could rule the other team and assign sub-tasks to it which could be either rejected or accepted by the subjected team. Any refusal on the opponent’s part to accept the task would give a plus point to the ruling team whereas any done performed well by the subjected team would get it a plus point.
BB gives Sonali, who is nominated for every week as a punishment for slapping Ali, to save herself by winning the Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na task.
The task begins, and Puneet’s team is given the chance to rule first. Sonali asks Gautam to shave his head but he refuses to do it. However, when given a bowl of salty egg yolk soup to drink, Gautam readily down it, thereby, making a plus point for his team. Next, Dimpy is offered a bowl of green chili soup and she surprises everyone by drinking it within 15 seconds. After that, Ali is summoned by Upen and is asked to do 25 push-ups with a clap in between each repetition. Ali sportingly takes up the challenge and does it with focus. But Upen and his team allege foul play saying Ali failed to get his form right while doing the exercise. Karishma, however, ignores the ruling team’s allegations and gives a plus point to Ali for the job done.
Looking at this, the ruling team alleges Karishma for being partial towards the subjected team.
Praneet shouts at the top of his voice at Ali for playing unfairly and the chaos gets even more dense.
Soon, BB announces the end of part 1 of the task and asks Dimpy, Gautam, Pritam and Ali to take charge as the ruling team.
Praneet stealthily hides green chilies from the kitchen to avoid drinking chili soups offered by the ruling team. However, a smart Dimpy mixes red chili powder in water to prepare a soup for the subjected team. The subjected team refuses to drink the chili drink calling it unfair but Upen comes ahead to gulp down the red chili soup.
Then after, Puneet it asked to do push-ups with one hand but he fails in doing that.
By the end of the day, Gautam’s team is announced as the winner of Day 1 of the task and BB asks Karishma to join them the next day for a bigger game. Puneet, Sonali, Praneet and Upen are excluded from the task for failing to win on Day 1.


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