When Aamir Khan put the transistor down for Hrithik's Bang Bang dare!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
We remember the controversial PK poster which had Aamir Khan posing in the nude except for a transistor that hung over him. Hrithik's Bang Bang dare was a cheeky one this time, addressed to Aamir. He wrote, “By POPULAR DEMAND! today's #bangbangdare goes 2 d man himself THE PK! @aamir_khan! Your dare is -" PUT THE TRANSISTOR DOWN!!"
“Nahin karoge to punishment milega! Who bhi bangbang style mein! Kya bolte ho logon? ACCEPT?? @aamir_khan,” he added.
And Aamir was game for it!
He replied saying: "@iHrithik Hey Hritik I accept the dare! Have asked Raju for the transistor, its on the way!!! @iHrithik Will shoot it asap and send it to you!!! But i take no responsibility for what happens after that??"
Watch this daring dare for yourself!


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