Hate Story 3 Movie Review

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Hate Story 3 is sheer comedy, a funny film devoid of emotions, smarts and even sex. There is absolutely no reason why one should watch this offering from the revenge drama franchise. It is obviously not any rocket science to gauge that the takers of this movie are looking for some titillating content and for them this will be a disappointment. This Indecent Proposal reboot is a bore with actors who are merely sleepwalking through the film. They are revolting, their lines are delivered with no flair. Karan Singh Grover is relatively better than the rest (credit his charms and good looks) and Sharman Joshi with his Rajkumar Hirani legacy looks positively aghast. The women let their cleavage do the talking, as if that is all that is expected of them.
The revenge seeking man played by Karan wants to sleep with Aditya's wife Siya. There is a flimsy back story about a sister who committed suicide. And how the story culminates, chasing silly twists, gives a hint that the writers took a cue or two from Abbas Mustan. Hate Story this time is a run down version of Race, not half-as-slick and an utter drab. 

We can be kind but the sheer torture of sitting through this film can extract a sizeable amount of negativity from anyone. It is a shame that the girls are handed out sketchily written parts in which men get to take advantage of them. At some level you will expect all the puerility to be crowd pleasing but even on that front it doesn't score. Most of the film doesn't make sense and motives never established or substantiated. 
Is there any inkling of good you ask? The answer will be a blatant no. Vishal Pandya makes the film equally bizarre and comical. Kiss and kill is his formula and though the fare and its predecessors had little to do with critical acclaim, it hits another new low with this installment. 
If you do decide on watching it, do so for the dialogues. They are gems. The film evokes hate of another level. It is vile, disgusting and you'll repeat what a character says - just get me get out of this goddamn place. It gives bad a new meaning.
We rate the movie 30% 


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