Kangana reacts to Divya Dutta’s tweet

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Off-late Kangana Ranaut has been in the spotlight not just for her talent but for her bold and ‘overbearing’ statements as well. In a recent interview, the actress went to the extent of stating that she was the number one actress whereas other actresses have had no growth. "I started from ‘B grade films' and today I’m the number one actress of this country… whereas other actresses, whom you might call my contemporaries, they have had no growth in whatever platform they were launched… they are still there and have not risen to another platform,” were Kangana’s exact words.
The actress managed to make yet another explosive statement recently while talking to a popular film magazine. When asked on whether she considers any of the actresses as competition, Kangana replied,” No, not at all! Name one actresses who could’ve played Datto or done Queen.” Kangana had also claimed that she was the highest paid actress in Bollywood.

Kangana’s statements miffed many, including Divya Dutta, who took offence to it. Kangana was slammed by Divya on Twitter and here is Kangana’s reaction to the same. “I respect Divya Dutta’s judgment. I’m not a politician, who is here to make a statement or hurt people. I’m just saying what I feel and I respect people who beg to differ.”
Now we wonder what Divya has to say to this!


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