Irrfan Khan and AIB show how to rock a party song and it's hilariously mind-blowing

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Irrfan Khan in a party song! Can you believe it? Team AIB has made this thing possible. The video starts as a show off between Irrfan Khan and team AIB and the actor suggests that he has done everything possible under Bollywood with total swag...but the AIB guys challenge Irrfan that he hasn’t done a party song yet.
And then, Irrfan Khan teaches the art of making a party song...and it is hilarious.
#Take the joota (shoe) shot
#The chasma (shades) shot
#The jacket shot
#One catchy line...and again a same catchy line...repeated several times...till it gets stuck in your mind...
#And the list is endless.
Directed by Vasan Bala, the lyrics have been penned by AIB and Karunesh Talwar. And Irrfan Khan shows some cool moves in this epic video.
Watch it here:


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