Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra Go Public On His Birthday

Friday, July 3, 2015
July 3, as cricketer Harbhajan Singh turns 35 he will go public with his long-standing relationship with his girlfriend actress Geeta Basra in a very unusual way.
In Smeep Kang’s Second Hand Husband, where Geeta Basra plays one of the leads Harbhajan Singh makes a surprise guest appearance at the end as the man she chooses to marry.
Sources close to the couple say, this is their way of going public with their relationship.

“So far, both Bhaji and Geeta have firmly denied any marriage plans. But, the entire cricket fraternity calls Geeta ‘Bhabhiji’. Their marriage is definitely happening some time soon,” says a source.
The film’s director Smeep Kang says he didn’t have to convince Harbhajan too hard to do the part. “Bhaji is a friend. When I needed him to do a guest appearance in one of my Punjabi films Bhaji In Problem, he happily agreed. Again, in my first Hindi film Second Hand Husband, there was a situation where we needed to show a man suitable to marry Geeta Basra. Bhaji sportingly stepped into a the slot.”
Smeep admits this is the first time that the couple is publicly acknowledging its relationship, and that too on Harbhajan Singh’s birthday.
“Yes, it all does seem to add up,” admits Smeep


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