Alone Movie Review

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Horror films often bring up this dilemma for me. Do I watch them for frights and thrills? Or do I also seek a story, a plot and credible context? Fans of horror cinema might not agree with me. If you seek jumps, and scares, ‘Alone’ does not disappoint. But looking for anything more will leave you disappointed.
In brief, ‘Alone’, a remake of a Thai film by the same name, tells the story of Sanjana & Anjana, conjoined twins (Bipasha as both). They share lives, and live amicably, committed to being sisters forever. Jealousy and anger sour their soul sister like relationship when one of them falls in love with Kabir, a boy from their school (Karan Singh Grover). They decided to separate after a complicated operation, and only one, Sanjana survives. She leaves her family home to find marital bliss with Kabir. When her mother falls sick and is hospitalized, she has to return to a home filled with memories of her other half, Anjana. Hauntings begin, and the house begins to indicate that the dead sister, Anjana, has returned to seek revenge.

In terms of plot, this film had potential of offering nuances & humanizing a scary story. That doesn’t happen. Narration is flat, and univocal. The film, though, is definitely more refined in its delivery of scares and spooks than most Hindi films. Shot in emerald green locales of Kerala, the best work is that of the cinematographer Prakash Kutty and editor, Devendra Murdershwar. Shadows, play of light, silhouette’s, reflections and layered sound design creates a classic setting for a haunting. But the second half flounders at many levels, making you hope that the film wraps up ASAP.
‘Alone’ does attempt to present twists and turns right till the end, but that bit is somehow lost in its visible effort to keep up a commercial tempo. Two songs feature Bipasha and Karan in little clothing, flaunting their well toned physiques in picturesque locations. Having said that, the songs break tempo. An exorcism scene is very reminiscent of Hollywood’s better horror films, showing that no effort at innovation was made here. There’s also a major flaw in a crucial plot point, reducing the film’s credibility. Towards the end, the film just drags.
Bipasha Basu looks great, but fails to develop uniqueness in her dual characters- her acting is surface level only. Karan Singh Grover, though stone faced, delivers his lines adeptly. Perhaps it’s the years spent in TV serials, but he is confident and self assured onscreen, not like a debut actor at all. Bhushan Patel delivers a competent horror film, but not a good one.
If you are a buff of horror films, or if you don’t relish watching dubbed films, watch ‘Alone’. You will enjoy the first half. However, it must not be your sole weekend indulgence!
The Final Verdict:
It's worth 60 percent of your ticket price.


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