Yes, we were dating and I am still in touch with Deepika: Sid Mallya

Saturday, December 13, 2014
The legal heir to Vijay Mallya's wealth, Sid Mallya is trying to find its feet in Los Angeles, USA. He is hoping to make it big in Hollywood.
The upcoming actor with great looks was recently in news for his alleged friendship with Freida Pinto. Infact, there are many reports that indicate Sid might be the reason behind Freida and Dev's split. Sid clarified his role in an interview to Hindustan Times, "People party with their friends on their birthdays, and I happened to be in that group. There were five of us in the pictures, but I guess I was the only one deemed newsworthy. When the story broke in the UK, they all wrote just about her having a good time. Then, journalists in India saw the pictures and said, ‘Hang on, we know that guy.’ Suddenly, there were rumours of us dating. It’s absurd."

But Freida isn't the first actress that Sid has been linked to. In the past, he was linked up with Deepika Padukone and others. To which, he says, "Yes, we were dating, and I’m still in touch with Deepika. There were also rumours about Anushka Sharma and I being in a relationship. I swear I’ve met her only twice, and that too, at parties that I attended with Deepika. There was also a link-up with Sonam Kapoor at one point; and something about Priyanka Chopra looking for a house in town, and me apparently helping her find one. I can categorically tell you that apart from Deepizzle (sic), I didn’t date anyone."
Sid also spoke about his reason of not choosing to be in Bollywood. "Bollywood would not have worked for me; I don’t speak Hindi and I can’t dance. I’ve got three left legs. And I just don’t have the sensibilities. It’s a very different world out here, and I’ve never been into the whole Bollywood world; it’s a great entertainment industry, but it’s not something I could’ve been able to do."


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