Salman steals the thunder at Arpita's wedding by introducing Iulia as his girlfriend!

Saturday, November 22, 2014
Salman Khan gave his sister the grand and fairy-tale wedding that she always wanted. However, Salman being Salman, he did steal some of the thunder by making a HUGE announcement.
News is that Salman Khan gave away his relationship status when he introduced good friend Iulia as his 'girlfriend' at the wedding, much to the surprise of the guests. Mumbai Mirror quotes a source as saying, "Salman and Iulia were always together. There have been rumours linking him to Jacqueline Fernandez and Daisy Shah, but the fact is that Salman is in love with Iulia. She is very comfortable with his family too. Iulia is staying in a 5-star hotel in Bandra, which is a stone's throw from Salman's apartment. And Salman is paying the bills."

Well, what do you say to that? Do you approve of Iulia as your favorite star's long awaited life partner? Apparently his sis Arpita does not. Like many others, she feels Salman is Iulia's stepping stone to Bollywood. But like they say, 'Jab miyan biwi razi to kya karega kazi?'


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