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Friday, November 21, 2014
Here is the review for the movie Happy Ending. Watch out this space for more updates!
Rating:4/5 Review By:Subhash K Jha Site: IANS
Happy Ending is a film that strives to wear its aura of urbane cool by making the actors so familiar with their characters that the line dividing the performers and the performances seems redundant. Shot in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the film is very good-looking.The three cinematographers Chase Bowman ,Yaron Levy and Mahesh Limaye shoot the characters against backdrops that would have served as postcards if the plot didn’t invite the locales to be characters.
Saif hits some brilliant notes in his part. But does he seem effortless because he’s done it so many times before? He is not afraid to seem less than heroic . The women perpetually succeed in doing that to him. Kalki Koechlin as the blissfully devoted girlfriend brings such a remarkable charm to her character’s annoying devotion to her man that you wonder if Yudi wouldn’t be doing the right thing in simply settling down with this utterly and hopelessly devoted lover-girl.
Rating:/5 Review By:Sneha May Francis Site: Emirates247
DK and Nidimoru, who had earlier worked on the wacky ‘Go Goa Gone’ and ‘99’, pick characters and scenes off Hollywood rom-coms, and weave them into a Bollywood love story brimming with romantic songs and plush international locations. It’s almost like they’ve taken the cues from their own megalomaniac superstar Armaan-ji, who is in search of a script that’ll win him the 'masses and classes.' On many levels, ‘Happy Ending’ is a reflection of its own effort.

There are glimpses of promise, no doubt, but those are far too few. As the 150-minutes of a scattered love story comes to an end, we are left with something pretentious and unworthy of applause, or tickles. The frames are glossy, with the pretty faces prancing around stunning American locations. The efforts strangely appear more in line of a fashion shoot, than for a movie.
Rating:3/5 Review By:Bollywood Hungama News Network Site: Bollywood Hungama
HAPPY ENDING is a Saif Ali Khan film all the way... right from the word 'go'. This is a script which Saif can effortlessly carry and he does just that. He hardly falters in either of the two roles (we won't spoil the suspense of his second role) played by him. His chemistry with both Ileana and Kalki is sparkling and believable. There are places where his character reminds you of his earlier film COCKTAIL. One has to admit that, Saif has really come a long way in his double role as compared to his triple role in HUMSHAKALS. Ileana D'Cruz, on the other hand, continues her stint with sweet and bubbly character, much like her last film. A strange thing about this girl is that, despite having somewhat stereotyped roles, her performances just don't look repetitive at all! Maybe it's something that's got to do with the camaraderie that she shares with the camera and her co-stars. Kalki, who is back after her last hit film YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI, is as usual, a delight to watch. When her real life quirkiness combines with her reel life character, the resultant is sheer magic. As far as the veteran actor Govinda is concerned, he shines in his role which seems like was written keeping him in mind. The only drawback is that the length of his role could have been increased in order to get the much-needed impact in the film. But, the cinegoers will surely rejoice to see him back on the silver screen in a comic part, as shown in this film. Ranveer Shorey lightens up the film's moments with his comic timing. Special brownie points to Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ileana's real life boyfriend Andrew Kneebone (blink and you miss role) for their cameos in the film.
Rating:4/5 Review By:Prathamesh Jadhav Site:India.com
Saif Ali Khan sparkles at his best with a role that is up his ally. Ilenana D’Cruz looks both hot as well as cute. Her performance as an actor is restrained and as a glam-gal she steals your heart with effortlessness. Govinda, being Govinda, hogs the scene with his incredible comic timing and the ease with which he operates. Ranveer Shorey is impressive with his craft and Kalki Koechlin has done a fine job. If you are willing to move over the mandatory mush and sugary love stories, this quirky Happy Ending will serve you well!
Rating:/5 Review By:Nishi Tiwari Site:Rediff
While Saif is in familiar territory as Yudi, Ileana fails to lend depth to her character -- there is no plausible reason assigned to Anchal’s worldview nor a closer peek into her state of mind. Her performance, in that sense, strikes as rather unremarkable. Kalki manages to fare better in that regard, considering her character is just as deprived of context as Ileana’s. What also strikes as mildly disappointing -- because despite all these shortcomings, Happy Ending does offer a few genuine laughs -- is the fact that Raj and Krishna’s original voice seems to have somewhat diluted to suit a larger canvas. There are moments when the film strikes one as an earnest attempt at an urbane comedy (Saif has been consistently apologetic for the gross misstep that was Humshakals). But Happy Ending, at its core, is pretentious and doesn’t quite live up to expectations, save for Govinda, who lights up the screen with his mere presence and those legendary moves. In a film that every cast member is so desperately trying to fit in, he is the only one who actually manages to convince us that he truly belongs there and he knows it.
Rating:3.5/5 Review By:Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi
Happy Ending makes fun of all the films which have made it our bucket list of classic love films and does so without a hint disparaging malice. Yogi and Yudi played by Saif and their well-placed complimentary, smart-alecky camaraderie, along with the poker faced humor of Govinda makes this film a peachy yet relevant and essentially a droll, chucklesome watch. There aren’t many ‘fur and feathers’ films which go down well with me, this is one of the sparse few which qualify as exception.
Rating:2.5/5 Review By:Rohit Vats Site:Hindustan Times
Happy Ending can hold your attention throughout its length except some not-so-necessary intimate scenes. There is enough in the story to provide you a good dose of entertainment, you just don’t need to expect too much. The film does exceedingly well on the craft front as it moves away from conventional techniques but fails to add a new dimension on the content front. But, you can always watch it for clever one liners and sharp jokes. It’s positively, certainly and definitely a fun film.
Rating:1.5/5 Review By:Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express
Getting a Bollywood star to fly into LA , where this is based, for an ‘original’ idea could have been fun, and just right for the spoofy tone which this film is presumably aiming for. But the tonal confusion never lets it hit its sweet spots, giving us neither a full-fledged tender romance between its good looking leads, nor the funny ha-ha bits of a blocked writer being asked to lift shamelessly : the insider joke– as readers of gossipy rags, we all know that this is what happens– is flat.
Rating:/5 Review By:Aparna Mudi Site:Zee News
'Happy Ending' is Saif's comfort zone and he along with the rest of the cast has performed well. The modern take of romance is definitely refreshing and the script has great one-liners for all the characters. The music compliments the feel of the movie. Govinda will make you nostalgic with the dancing in 'Nacho Sare G Phaadke'. The other scene which really stands out is when he consults a doctor to build his pectoral muscles look younger! It is definitely a good watch, especially if you go with your loved one. It has clean humour, without any glaring sexual innuendos and would be a good film to watch with your family as well!
Rating:2.5/5 Review By:Saibal Chatterjee Site:NDTV
As far as love stories go, Happy Ending goes nowhere. To be fair, the audience is warned as early as in the opening sequence in a movie hall. Saif's Yudi is munching popcorn noisily as his girlfriend (Kareena Kapoor in a special appearance) tries to let him know that she loves him to distraction. The hero is certainly mighty distracted. He makes no effort at all to reciprocate the girl's emotion. She stomps off angrily and dumps him, declaring that their relationship is going nowhere. If you expect Happy Ending to get somewhere, you are watching the wrong film. Do not expect the world from Happy Ending and you might actually find in it enough enjoyable patches to make a trip to the multiplex worth your while.
Rating:2.5/5 Review By:Rohit Khilnani Site:India Today
Happy Ending works as a feel-good, frothy movie. But as a romantic comedy it rehashes the familiar ingredients with few new additions. In Armaan's words, it's barely 'hatke'.
Rating:3.5/5 Review By:R.M.Vijayakumar Site:The New Indian Express
Kalki Koechlin surpasses expectations to come up with an endearingly freaky turn, while Ileana D’Cruz is her usual charming self. Preity Zinta is amazingly good in her brief role, and Ranvir Shorey impresses in a not-too-fresh role. This one’s for the up-market, multiplex crowd of all ages. One only hopes that it will catch up with the single screens the way Armaan succeeded in going the reverse way in the film for a “Happy Ending.”
Rating:3/5 Review By:Sushmita Murthy Site:Deccan Chronicle
Overall, the film offers a generous dose of laughter, some stunning locations that are a treat to watch and a refreshing comeback of Bollywood’s ‘Hero Number One’, among others. Directors Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK have managed to provide a fresh perspective to an otherwise drab storyline. So while the film mocks other films that cater to the ‘masses’ (their words, not ours) and aim at giving you three hours of paisa-wasool entertainment, Happy Ending follows the same trail too. Does that make it a paisa-wasool entertainer then? Oh yes!


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