Bigg Boss 8: Don't miss the inside information on US reality TV star Kim Kardashian's BB entry!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Here is some more information we have got our hand son about the BB8 entry of reality TV star, actress and model Kim Kardashian, who never shies away from living a carefree life on camera in her popular series ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.
Reportedly, the main purpose of Kim’s India visit is the launch and promotion work of her perfume 'Fleur Fatale' as tweeted by the 34-year old actress and wife of singer Kanye West.

Apparently, she is touring the world to serve her main purpose. But paying a visit to the BB house is also on Kim’s agenda. And we hear that she is going to land in India with her entourage comprising her bodyguard, make-up artist and masseur. Additionally, she has expressed a wish to wear a saree on the show.
Now watching Kim in a sari sounds interesting, no?
Not just the fashion police but even the aunties watching BB will be keeping a strict vigil on how Kim carries off the garment on her national TV stint!


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