Super Nani Movie Review

Friday, October 31, 2014
Here is the review for the movie Super Nani. Watch out this space for more updates!
Rating:/5 Review By:Shekhar H Hooli Site:IB Times
"Super Nani" is a good family entertainer, which makes the viewers laugh as well as cry. It is a great comeback for Rekha, who overshadows all other actors in the film. The predictable plot and over melodrama are its two big drawbacks, which may not stop the audience from enjoying the movie.
Rating:2/5 Review By:Prathamesh Jadhav
Super Nani, mind you, has its heart at the right place, but the sloppy execution, coupled with a terrible screenplay, has converted this one into a long lecture on how to treat your mother with respect. So you get a (super) woman who is on a mission to set her obnoxious husband and nasty kids straight. Give your mommy the respect she deserves is the bottom-line message of the movie. Rekha saunters in and out of almost every frame with her allure. Her skin taut, her make-up exaggerated and her husky voice perfectly in place to ensure that Rekha is the evergreen phenomenon. Once that idea is established, reinforced and pushed hurriedly down your throat, the rest of the movie only turns out to be a big, boring lecture that tests your patience. We suggest you to give this character-building exercise a royal miss!

Rating:/5 Review By:Sneha May Francis Site:Emirates 24/7
While Rekha looks stunning, without a wrinkle to worry about, she’s versatile and boasts of talent that’s sadly gone wasted in this chaos. It’s when she slips into retro mode and takes on vintage Bollywood that it’s a treat. Sharman Joshi attempts an American-born desi boy, and puts in too much stress on his twang, or the lack of it, and ungrammatical Hindi but he just doesn’t make it work. He’s honest, no doubt, but it just isn’t enough. Kumar’s little girl Shweta also makes an appearance. Her daddy ensures she looks pretty and even lands her a romantic number in Dubai, but conveniently forgets to flesh out her character. There’s also veterans Anupam Kher and Randhir Kapoor screaming and over-acting to a level that’s upsetting. While Kumar might win points for versatility, for shifting from an audacious adult comedy like ‘Grand Masti’ into dictating morals in ‘Super Nani’, his transformation doesn’t appear genuine and doesn’t win us over.
Rating:2/5 Review By:Meena Iyer Site:Times of India
So for the first half, you have the 'bechari nani' sporting grey strands in her hair and dark under-eye make-up constantly talking to her 'Kanha'(God). As expected, in the second half, the grandson pays for her trip to the beauty salon and voila, what do you have? Rekha, the mannequin! Somewhere along the 133 minutes, you're bound to wonder - why did drop-dead gorgeous Rekha agree to do this film? One can say that India's self-styled Greta Garbo is a frog in the well. She obviously hasn't seen English Vinglish and Queen during her Parliament break.
Rating:1/5 Review By:Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi
Super Nani despite a lot of really funny scenes is a disaster to venture into. A wrong plot from the word go, and a pastiche of Ekta Kapoor’s brand of brain-damaging serials, this film is a full blown gyaan session on moral values. If you manage to save your hearing ability despite the high decibels of screeching females in the film (which will pierce through your ear drums), there is one dreadful film to bear. It’s a kitschy version of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi meets Khoon Bhari Maang. If the noise of it sounds palatable to you, good luck giving it a shot.
Rating:1/5 Review By:Kusumita Das Site:Deccan Chronicle
Mr Kumar’s intentions in Super Nani maybe good, but this is 2014 where the audience is used to a certain standard of message delivery. Think English Vinglish, think Queen, think Highway. The finest shades of ‘women empowerment’ in Hindi cinema. You cannot wish these away and pretend you have done enough with a preachy, contrived session on family values.
Rating:1.5/5 Review By:Saibal Chatterjee Site:NDTV
Super Nani takes upwards of two hours to articulate something that all those weaned on Bollywood potboilers have known for ages. While doing so, it ratchets the decibel levels up to breaking point. Rarely has so much noise on a film soundtrack added up to so little. To put it simply, Super Nani is a super bore.


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