‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 10: All contestants to enjoy the plush BB house but Gautam & Praneet to live like servants!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Day 10 begins with the members of Deepshika’s team getting ready happily to get inside the BB house. As the announcement is made by BB around noon, the winning team enthusiastically picks up their bags and enters the house. Karishma steps in first and howls with excitement. Other inmates enter after her and share their joy looking at the facilities available inside the house. They check out the entire house and jump like hungry mouths looking at the ample stock of veggies and fruits inside the store room.

Around mid-afternoon, we saw Gautam sharing his feelings with Pritam about Karishma’s behaviour. He says that while Karishma was doing the Hijack task, he could not make out if she was actually doing the task or seeking revenge from him. He clarifies that he was indeed sorry for saying inappropriate words to her and has apologized many time yet the issue was escalated. He finishes by adding that he will answer Karishma (and others) in the next task and teach her exactly how is feels when one is really in pain. Pritam, on his part, patiently listens to Gautam and agrees with him on certain points.
Sometime later, BB announces that Pritam’s team can go inside the house but only after choosing two contestants who have not performed satisfactorily.
Pritam, Puneet, Sukirti, Praneet, Gautam, Natasa and Soni sit down together to have a long discussion on the topic. Puneet tries being nice by nominating himself and Gautam, but after much argument, Praneet chooses to be the sacrificial lamb. Finally, Pritam’s team nominates Praneet and Gautam as the least impressive performers of the Hijack task.
BB debars Praneet and Gautam to use any facility inside the house and live like servants till the end of BB Season 8.
Pritam enters the house with his team and some of the existing members of the house welcome them.
Before dinner time, Deepshika complains about Soni’s rude behaviour during the Hijack task and expresses displeasure before Karishma, Minissha and Sushant. Deepshika says she was only supporting her team and Soni’s allegation that she is being harsh towards her was unacceptable. She also asserts that Soni has a problem of taking things personally.
Karishma tries pacifying Deepshika and asks her to resolve the issue with Soni to avoid any fight during the next task.
Deepshika refuses to speak to Soni about the issue but Karishma drags Soni into the matter and asks her to clarify the issue.
Soni gets defensive about her actions and tries giving many arguments to prove that she ddi not behave as badly as Deepshika had assumed.
On the other hand, Deepshika too did not budge from her stand and the argument continued for a long time. At last, as Karishma and Minissha’s behest, the two warring women shared a cold hug and went back to their own business.
No prizes for guessing that the matter has not been resolved yet and the repercussion might show up soon! We hope they don’t, fingers crossed.


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