Actresses who were pregnant before their marriage

Sunday, January 29, 2012
In the past, we have seen actresses getting married suddenly and flaunting a baby bump in a month or two. The trend has been a part of Film Industry since quite a long time and while some actresses admit the fact, some fight it till the very end.

Here are a few actresses who were rumored to be pregnant before they got married.

When Sridevi announced her marriage to Boney Kapoor, she was, reportedly, seven months pregnant. Sridevi's relationship with Boney Kapoor was already under the scanner due to the fact that Boney was already married. Sridevi was, perhaps, the only actress who publicly accepted the fact that she was pregnant before her marriage.

Sarika was also involved with a married man - Kamal Hassan, and got pregnant with his child. Hassan was then married to Vani Ganapathy who took strong exception to their illicit affair. Irrespective of the state of their relationship, Sarika went ahead and gave birth to the lovechild, Shruthi Hassan. The two got married later on only to separate equally soon.

No one had a clue about when Mahima Chaudhary got married. People were still reeling from the sudden news of her wedding when she announced her pregnancy. Everything happened a little too soon for people to assume she had fallen pregnant after marriage.

Following Amrita Arora's hasty marriage announcement to beau Shakeel Ladak, tongues started wagging about what really prompted Amrita to take the wedding vows in such a hurry. Amrita's immediate pregnancy pretty much confirmed the reason of her sudden wedding.

Konkona Sen married co-actor Ranvir Shorey in a quiet wedding in September 2010. She gave birth to a baby boy in March 2011 leaving us with no doubt about the fact that she was very much pregnant when she exchanged vows with Shorey. Though the couple never admitted the fact, it was very much clear that the marriage happened because of Konkona's pregnancy.


  1. Bebo said...:

    Don't forget that Aish is one heck of an ambitious woman who didnt want to stall her filmy career right after the marriage...which is why she probably didn't try to conceive then. However, we have no proof of 'when' she and Abhi actually decided to try for kids--right after marriage or 4 years none of our crazy theories may be true!! Let them be.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    well i is suppose its because of the profession they are in...if they got married it means a kind of end to their careers...and if they decided to wait to make a baby till they got married u got do in the ripe old age of 35 live a little and only get married when the woman is knocked up...all actors livein these days..saif kareena, abhay deol and model is too short to wait to be married...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Neetu Kapoor? Ranbir's mom? seriously? I watched this interview of Kamal Haasan once where he said he and Sarika wanted to have their children out of wedlock and then get married..they didn't want to have one child and then get married while the rest of their children are legitimate in Indian's eyes...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    some women get pregnant first night of their wedding not everybody take years to get pregnant like aish aunty who finally got IVF egg donor.

  1. komal said...:

    You can add Hema Malini & Smita Patil to thia list too.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Whats about akshay and twinkle???

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hmmm interesting post! Let's watch the fur fly... :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Celina Jaitly and Neetu Kapoor too.

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