Housefull 3 Review

Saturday, June 4, 2016
Housefull 3 couldn't have had a more appropriate release date. In the week when the social media is hyperventilating about the thin line in between funny and offensive (over the whole Tanmay Bhat controversy), this movie makes an important point - Humour offends, deal with it. Writer-director duo Sajid Farhad surely must have a good enough explanation as to why their lame-lamer-lamest flurry of funny lines are poking fun at the disabled. They redeem with an equally gratuitous scene in the end where the film's leading ladies are praying for a disabled child. Well, talk about irony! Ahem... we are offended. But not enough to file an FIR yet. And if we do, it would only be for making a terrible movie.

Those in the film business have a good-enough threshold for lame stuff and are familiar with the drill when it comes to the Housefull franchise - downright stupid and yet make big bucks each time. But Sajid-Farhad take it lower. What better to expect from men who proudly gloat about the fact that their best ideas come to them in the loo. Obviously, the inspired thinking during their precious potty time reflects in the writing. There are cliches and dumbcracks (a word needs to be concocted for such special cases of idiocy) and six actors who decided to be a party to this buffoonery. The respect that Akshay Kumar earned after Airlift was flushed down the same toilet. And it is not his onus alone; they collectively make you groan. Riteish with his impeccable comic timing sleepwalks through the role. After being a part of the previous editions, he knows the terrain inside out and snored through it with immense confidence. And poor Abhishek Bachchan with his straight face, dry Brit humour is the worst case of misplaced casting. His overacting is the film’s most jarring bit and yet, he is gutsy enough to take digs at himself without any qualms. 
The naam vastey plot goes like this - Gold diggers land themselves a lucrative deal when they meet leggy lasses loaded with Daddy’s money. But the Gujju pappa won’t approve of the men so easily. The boys fashion themselves as handicapped and from then begins the epic war between sasurjee and his to-be-jamairajas.
No one walks in expecting an Oscar-worthy story in such films. But the least you want, is to laugh your guts out and have a blast. You wish! The jaded, dated, clich├ęd jokes have a tough time extracting a single chuckle. The puns are best suited for two-year olds. Much like Sajid-Farhad’s earlier stint Entertainment, a lot of the humour lies in the dialogues. The kutte-ko-maar-Akshay-Kumar has been replaced by Jack-lean-on-me showing the dire lack of fresh thinking in them. Equallyridiculous lines take over – Chalo bahar latakte hai (Let’s hang out) and Tum thandi dawai kyun nahin lete (Take a chill pill). An hour into this ludicrous mess, you’ll be left exasperated, gasping for breath, wanting out of the unfunny fiasco. 
The writing has the IQ of facebook memes and whatsapp jokes. Replete of overused gags and sparse amusing instances (all mostly before the interval), this is a tacky, repetitive and lazy heir of Housefull and Housefull 2. People around me sat in the hope that Jaggu dada (Jackie Shroff) will help the flat tale with his cool bhiduness but all he manages to mutter is ATM – Aaj tujhe marunga! The abbreviations are well indicative of how lazy the writers got. For one character, they didn’t even bother finishing the lines!
You enjoy this film depending on your mental age, or your level of physical desperation. We don’t know of anyone who can enjoy an entire sequence that involves a handicapped man, his crotch and red ants. And then there are gora-kalajokes which are best reserved for the film. But what’s worst here is the three beautiful women – Jacqueline Fernandez, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakhri, who are perfectly fine being reduced to ninnies without a mind of their own. Dressed in lavish clothes with the expensive make up on them, even when they go to sleep, the writers reduce them to women who’ve crushed their grey matter under their Blahnik stilettos
Fans will happily rubbish reviews, this and we assure you many more, saying that critics are a bunch of grumpy people who don’t know how to take a joke. Haaa…critics are just people who find impossible to use their brains depending on a film’s genre. Movies are either good, bad or ugly and Housefull 3 is tragically ugly. 
Housefull 3 cracked horrible jokes.
Housefull 3 offended.
We rate this film 30%


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