Rajinikanth is a Bad Looker and Knows Just Two and a Half Dance Steps: RGV

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
As we all know, sometime back, Amy Jackson had shared a photograph with her fans. In it, she was seen spending some quality time with Tamil superstar and her Robot 2.0 co-actor Rajinikanth. As expected, this development created quite a buzz amongst movie buffs.
While everyone was happy about getting a glimpse of their beloved ‘Thalaiva’ , Ram Gopal Varma clearly had a different take on it. The maverick director sent out a tweet saying that Rajinikanth was “bad looking”
“He is a bad looker, doesn't have 6 packs ,short with a disproportionate body n knows just 2 nd half dance movements”, he said

Moreover, RGV also said that not even psychiatrics could explain the Rajinikanth phenomena.
“The greatest psychiatrists in the world will collapse with the challenging task of explaining the Rajini Phenomenon.” He joked
Needless to say, he got trolled for these comments and soon found himself in the midst of a controversy. Thereafter, theRangeela director said that he just trying to compliment the superstar. Moreover, he stressed his comments had been misinterpreted.


  1. Neha Pathak said...:

    LOL, he is actually right.

  1. Gurmeet said...:

    I guess a lot of non Indians wonder the same

  1. Ankita Arora said...:

    Ouch..he is brutally right..lolx

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