'Prince couldn't believe I was evicted, he couldn't say bye to me,' says Yuvika Choudhary post her eviction from BB9

Monday, November 9, 2015
So Yuvika Choudhary has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 9, and fans have been disappointed. Owing to the reason, they couldn’t see the romance blossom between Yuvika and Price Narula. As before anything could happen, Yuvika's sudden exit caused the love story to be nipped in the bud itself! We spoke to Yuvika post her exit, and in a telephonic chat, the model-actress had a few interesting tidbits to share. Excerpts from the interview:
How did prince react when you were bidding goodbye to everyone?    
He was zapped. He couldn't believe…and he was standing far away and he didn't come to say bye. He couldn't say bye to me.
And what was Rishab 's reaction?              
He also didn't come. I don't know where he was lost. All I could see…everyone said bye. However, Kishwer and Suyyash came to me and hugged me tightly. I could see all.  Aman also but yeah, Rishab was also kind of silent…aise laga mujhe. Ek proper bye hoti hai nawoh nahi tha.
Would you connect with Prince after he too gets evicted from the show?       I would connect with everyone (laughs).

Do you think you got blindly carried away by Rishabh's mentorship?  No no…he is just a fun guy and I really can’t. I don't like people who are too serious-serious. I like fun loving people and he’s fun loving. He is little mad. He's like a kid, and whatever nautanki he does, I just laugh on that and that’s why I find him cute, that’s all about it.
Don't you think you could have reacted more calmly when the fight between you and Mandana took place in the bedroom recently?  
No, because I have avoided this girl many times and I really wanted to. I had to stop myself anyways kyonki main bhi thoda ziddi bani, ki nahi yeh meri duty hai  aur main kaam karoongi. Finally she what she had to; while talking to me thoda halka sa usne mujhe push kiya and she abused me and then I realized ki yeh bahut ugly ho jaayega and I had to stop.
Who are you going to miss the most after leaving the show?
I think Suyyash, Kish, Prince and Rishab.
What are your thoughts on Mandana?She’s playing very well. She is very clear. She sayski mujhe ghar jaana hai but she has come here to win the show.


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