Singh is Bliing Movie Review

Friday, October 2, 2015
There is no concept of penance in Prabhudheva's dictionary. If you thought after the indescribable crass called Action Jackson in December, he would opt for something a li'l more evolved, you are in for an unpleasant shock. Meet Singh is Bliing - Singh is King, Crass Version  Reloaded 2.0 - blinged up enough to blind you and stupid enough to stop you from throwing some pity laughs their way. The director's iconic recipe of harebrained plot, improbable action and sheer nonsense is revamped and joins Akshay's own brand of mindlessness. Except, that there is no story, yet again. Grand south-style action is served with Punjabi masalas. It is nothing like Singh Is King and just bludgeons with the utter silliness that is up on display. It's best to keep your expectations modest while watching Prabhudheva, but this stoops to an altogether new low!
Replete with unnecessary sexual innuendos, Amy Jackson is a drop-dead gorgeous firang import who can neither act nor speak Hindi. She looks pretty and that's her only job like most PD films have made it evident to for its actresses. Lara Dutta denounces her past glories and reduces herself to balls-attacking psychotic. Women in Prabhudheva's films will just make you cringe. 

The low regard for women in his films have always been a highlight and with this film, it is furthered. Our protagonist Raftar rejects an obese girl for marriage by saying woh-khushti-ladne-ki-cheez-hai-shaadi-ki-nahin. So do they suggest fat women are sumo wrestlers who don't deserve to get married? 
Amy's costume change chronicles - from chiffon sarees to bikini as well as her enviable martial arts skills, nothing saves her. The film is so bad that even if she's the prettiest lady you've seen on screen in a while, you are too cranky to care.
And the men are far from charming... Kay Kay Menon, who is the poster boy for films for posterity- hammers with the narcissistic line 'I am too good na?' After this, it is debatable and Akshay Kumar flawlessly sleepwalks through the film given his familiarity with the genre and does a perfectly atrocious job. 
None of us were expecting marvel here but entertainment needs to have its barriers. But it was a quick guide to turn lecherous in 2 hours. You'll want to curse yourself for volunteering to go for this banal nonsense shortly after gorging on Talvar.
Mediocre jokes, blasphemous approach and deafening background score is what flashes for most part of the film. At one point, you are compelled to ponder what is entertainment all about? Is it merely about coming to cinema to laugh for 2 hours and take back nothing? When was the last time you watched a commercial film which you know will stay for years with you? Yes, commercial cinema is a middle class man's simplest tool of escaping but I bet any 300-rupees-paying man didn't deal for the film's director making a cameo appearance by peeing. 
Is there nothing funny in the film? Well, Akshay is funny because of the way he says what he does and not how he says it. Amy Jackson scores less expressions than Katrina Kaif who at least had a diva- like quality but Amy is just passable. And Kay Kay Menon has fallen notches in the eyes of people who admired him in Sarkaar.
Singh is Bliing is exhausting, loud, shamelessly idiotic and screams foolish all over. If its possible, I lost a sizable part of brain in that theatre after that film. Must ask Alia about her Grow your brain programme. That can be your only rescue after barely surviving this filmy excreta of sorts. 
We rate it 20% 


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