Ameesha Patel forced to talk about her period after Kushal Tandon accuses her of disrespecting the National Anthem

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
A few days ago, Kushal Tandon had posted on his Facebook wall about how actress Ameesha Patel disrespected the National Anthem by not getting up while it was being played in the theatre. And the fight has now escalated as the actress seems to be really miffed with the remark. Ameesha took to twitter to respond to what Kushal wrote and while clarifying on why she didn’t get up from the seat, she talked about her ‘girl problem’.

The actress tweeted, “Idiot kushal Tandon had the nerve to tweet that I didn't get up during national anthem. Did the jackass ask why? Women we all need to slap kushal. I had the monthly girly problem. Getting up wud have caused a blood flow on the theatre ground. I waited for the film to start so I cud address my GirLY problem in the bathroom. Didn't know that kushal wud make it a national issue(sic).”

And certainly Kushal isn’t someone who would sit quietly, the actor further wrote the he saw her standing, eating , enjoying and laughing before the movie started.
LOL! It seems, Ameesha just pulled off a Rakhi Sawant!
Girl next time please get a better excuse to defend yourself!
Meanwhile, what do you guys have to say about Ms. Patel's reaction!


  1. Ankita Arora said...:

    Whattt?! Blood flow to the theatre ground?? What is it, a waterfall? Calm down woman! Standing up for 2 minutes doesn't cause blood to spill like that-- on the ground-- every woman knows that. So please, i don't believe it. Also, people saying that it could have soiled her pants if she stood up, that could have happened with her sitting too.
    Sure, she could have had cramps that were super terrible that she couldn't stand up. But she doesn't mention that at all. Would've been a much better excuse than blood flowing to the freaking ground!

  1. Gurmeet said...:

    I agree that her excuse were silly and she shouldn't have tweeted all those tweets... I mean... she doesn't owe anyone or Kushal any explanations! I honestly don't think she needs to justify herself. And p.s.... Is it just me or does anyone else thinks that it is ridiculous to have your national anthem play at some movie theater. I think it's complete BS and that act itself is disrespectful. Imagine going to theater to watch Hate Story 3 at the theater and have your national anthem play before the film... How f'ing ridiculous is that? And standing up for national anthem doesn't say anything about how patriotic you are.... If it bothers Kushal that much then he should have joined the freaking army or police force instead of boring everyone on screen. #PleasePostThis

  1. Fiza Khan said...:

    1) She maybe had really bad cramps in that moment because I as a girl can say that women's cramps and period's side effects differ from each other, and some women have more painful cramps than others. 2) I have a friend who is a regular volunteer on social services in India, but she doesn't stand up for the national anthem, she thinks standing up doesn't prove anything but doing something for the country does 3) Ameesha's excuse is lame and she should not have replied to him 4) But that doesn't give Kushal the right to publicly talk about someone without knowing their side of the story :/ there are better things to talk about Kushal.

  1. Priyanka Nair said...:

    As a woman I know what she means. I'm sure other females understand as well. I also prefer to take my time standing up when in that situation in order to avoid accidents. But she should have stayed quite and let it go.

  1. jyothi rana said...:

    She didn't have a tampon? Not a big deal to stand up during the national anthem but her excuse seems very lame. Nobody would've given a flying eff if she ignored his tweets. This all looks staged. Disgusting C-graders and their antics for attention. If she really was her time of the month, wouldn't her dress, seats be stained ass well?

  1. veronica said...:

    And how did she managed the problem after national anthem?? Her bleeding stopped magically for the walk towards washroom?? LOL

  1. Deepika said...:

    This is just ridiculous. What if she had cramps in that moment? People need to let others live. What is disrespectful to the indian flag is to no do right as a citizen of the nation.

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