Someone trolled Aaradhya and this is how Abhishek gave it back to him!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
One simply shouldn’t mess with Abhishek Bachchan when it comes to comebacks.
Junior B, might have been criticized for his choice of films and trolled on the internet innumerable times, but bring his daughter Aaradhya into the trolling arena and daddy B wouldn’t tolerate it.
Last day, a troller tweeted a meme, insulting Abhishek Bachchan and memefying Aaradhya in it. When Abhishek saw the tweet, he gave the man a befitting reply.

And then it finally dawned on him and he apologized. Bachchan made it clear to the man that it just isn’t cool to bring his beti into the scene. Mess with Abhishek it is bearable to him; but trolling Aaradhya isn’t cool.
Abhi gave it right back to the troller like a boss…err…like a ‘Guru’!


  1. Nidhi Kapoor said...:

    Now that honeymoon is over and daughter is older, Ash moved on and got busy with her career. It's totally understandable if Abhi feels this way.

  1. Kanika said...:

    The guy is making fun of Abhisheks flops like the rest of the world also does. He is not making fun of his daughter. Clearly. But abhishek taking out his frustrations. Take a chill pill and see the humour, dude

  1. Ankita Arora said...:

    Haha its funny. Nothing malicious against aara. But since abhi has been living in a sea of negativity with constant comparisons to his succesful parents and wife, it must have hit a nerve. so he made it about his daughter to justify his outrage. Dont think the troller was going after aaradhya in any way

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