You just cannot miss shirtless SRK thanking his 13 million fans!

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Shah Rukh Khan’s twitter handle followers are more than enough to be deemed as a nation. In fact there are countries with lesser population than his Twitter followers.
As soon as the superstar’s social handle reached the 13 million mark, the fans were in frenzy. There are twitter hashtags trending and people talking about it.
Shah Rukh thanked his fans via a video message he just posted.

He said, “A home is made of all different sorts in our family. So discuss with each other, contradict each other, even fight with each other. But do not abuse women, mother, sisters and daughters just because they’re not your home. And remember what the good poet said, ‘Build me up and I with you. For we are more one than two.’ Love each other or perish. So thank you 13 Million for making this very colorful home with me.”
“And yes, I am wearing glares, but I am not wearing a shirt”, he signed off flashing a dimpled ‘hmmph’.
Yep! That’s the shirtless thank you his fans get. And no one’s complaining at all! *oh-la-la*


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