'BA Pass' actress Shikha Joshi suicide case:Shikha Joshi’s Landlady Shot A Video Of Her Dying Moments To Save Herself

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
 Bharti claims that she recorded her statement so that she could escape police suspicion. However, we can only wonder what kind of a person would do that when the victim is fighting for breath. The act has put Bharti under suspicion.  

While the gruesome video is unfit to be published, here is a screenshot from the video: 

Here's a transcript of the conversation: 
Bharti: Haan Shikha, Shikha, Shikha, Shikha, beta tell me why did you take this step?
Shikha: (feeble voice, as she tries to get up but slips on blood) I don't know.
Bharti: Shikha, say why did you do this?
Bharti: Shikha let it stay on your neck it will stem the flow of blood. (referring to a piece of cloth). Speak up Shikha, police will ask us. Why did you do all this? Whose mistake was it?
Shikha: Everybody's
Bharti: Everybody who?
Bharti: Whose fault is it? Say fast, we will tell their names to the cops.
Shikha: Dr Sharma.
Bharti: Dr Sharma? And?
Shikha: Married men.
Bharti: Married men? Who all?
Shikha: Many.
Bharti: Many? But who all?
Bharti: Shikha, place a handkerchief on the cut. Shikha, Shikha. (A third person, a woman's voice is heard. Camera angle changes. Bharti asks somebody to continue recording. A man checks Shikha).
Bharti: She says Dr Sharma and many other married men, who exploited her, are responsible for this. 
A male voice: Take her to a hospital.
Bharti: How will we take her to a hospital? (A voice in the background: Don't bring the children here)
A male voice: Take her (to a hospital) in a car.
Bharti: You carry her. We are not going to do it.
A woman's voice: How will you carry her in a car, there is so much blood? 
Male voice: Lift her. Is an ambulance coming? (Shikha's moaning can be heard over all the voices. Bharti is heard telling somebody again that Shikha has slashed herself.)

Was recording the late actor's statement more important than saving her life? 


  1. Gurmeet said...:

    I understand the land lady's position (people who find someone dead are often implicated in the death). But I just can't believe that someone's immediate reaction would be to record this situation instead of immediately calling the police and helping.

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