I was in tears when I saw Deepika talk about her depression: Ranveer Singh

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Ran-Deep is the couple goal people vie for! These two make an adorable couple and speak highly of each other on various occasions. Ranveer Singh adores Deepika Padukone not only for her personality but says he was bowled over by her courage.
In an Interview to Hindustan Times, Ranveer spoke highly of his real-life girlfriend Deepika. He said, “I was in tears when I watched her talking about it (her depression) on a TV chat show. It takes a lot of mental and emotional fortitude to come out with something that has such a large (social) stigma attached to it. Deepika has won me over for life with the kind of strength and courage she has. It’s incredible.”

Rubbishing the reports which were doing rounds that Deepika spoke up about her depression as he was suffering the same, Ranveer lashed out upon the media in the past too. He said, “I was truly angered with the article; and I still haven’t gotten over it. In fact, I am so angry that it would take a big effort on my part to not physically assault the person who wrote it, if I ever come across him.”
Can I say – out of thin air — that a person is suffering from AIDS? How can you be so random, callous, careless and insensitive to such a serious issue?” the actor added.
Woah! Ranveer seems pretty much brooding over those callous rumors, but it is so nice to see him shower such beautiful words for Dippy. Don’t you think?


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