Hot! Anushka gets a tight kiss from Deepika

Monday, March 16, 2015
In Bollywood some things are happening for good. Be it Salman-SRK or Kajol and Karan Johar being friends again and recent is Deepika praising Anushka for her performance in ‘NH 10’.

Dips has gone out of her way to prove that all is well between her and Anushka. She has planted a tight kiss in front of the bugs at the censor board meeting that took place between the Bollywood stars and the politicians. 

Though there have been rumours in the past about a cold war between the two actresses, it seems they have mended their relationship and got off to a fresh start. Deepika gave her best wishes to Anushka, and said that she loved the thriller movie.

Recently, Anushka also supported Deepika's stand to fight against depression. Anushka had said, “When Deepika spoke about her depression, people wrote so many things about her. She was doing it for a larger cause. Catherine Zeta Jones is dealing with bipolar disorder. Do people write such things about her.”

Earlier, Deepika had also termed Anushka as a 'friend' on the popular chat show 'Koffee with Karan'. At the time host Karan Johar was quite surprised to hear that from Deepika. However, it seems that these two lovely ladies of Bollywood have shown us all that they indeed are good friends and supportive of each other.

Also, after this friendly interaction at the NH10 screening, Deepika and Anushka headed towards Anushka's house for a bigger celebration.
Deepika Gives A Tight Kiss to Anushka! 


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