Bigg Boss 8’ Day 66: The App task unites all housemates but Karishma’s ‘make-up’ deal ruins it all!

Thursday, November 27, 2014
The day begins from the point where the App task ended on Wednesday.
BB gives Upen and Renee a new chance to recharge the batteries. The task is Upen and Renee have to colour their hair blonde to get a total recharge of 92%. Renee refuses to change her stand and refuses the task. Upen, however, sportingly gets his hair dyed by Diandra.
Due to Upen’s endeavour, the battery gets recharged by 46% and everyone heave a sigh of relief.
Ali becomes the lucky one to avail the benefits of a freshly recharged battery. He chooses a date with his girlfriend Gauri over a chance to cancel the ban on him to compete for captaincy. He says on camera he would love to take the housemates for a ride to hell by choosing the captaincy App but he does not need to be the captain to freak out others.
After Ali, Pritam enters the App room and finds himself between four options: Food – sweets & yummy digestive aid, letters from his mother, Stardom – feedback from his fans and a meeting with his wife Amanjyot.

Pritam chooses to see his wife and rushes excitedly towards the store area at BB’s signal. He gets infused with joy as he sees his wife standing across a glass wall. They speak to each other via headphones and during the conversation Amanjyot reveals she went to the doctor to get an ultrasound done. She tells him about the health of their unborn baby hearing which makes Pritam gets happier.
Another surprise takes the level of Pritam’s joy a notch higher as he meets his son Adi. He makes other housemates meet his son and the gharwallahs receive the little boy with much warmth.
Karishma is chosen the next contestant to have her wishes fulfilled. Inside the App room, she opts to meet her mother and breaks down into tears when BB shows LIVE FEED of her mother sitting inside the confession room. Karishma finds herself helpless as the battery stands at less than 32% which is the requisite amount needed for a face-to-face meet with a relative.
BB still gives her a chance to convince Renee to dye her hair or else lose out the chance of seeing her mother. Everyone feel for Karishma and for her sake try hard to convince Renee to blonde her hair for some battery life. Renee stands by her decision and sheds tears saying when everyone misunderstood her then there is no reason for her to help them. She brings her own sorrow in the spotlight saying she is already down with her personal problems which are more than what Karishma is facing currently.
On the other hand, Karishma cries inconsolably while others console her one by her by giving her a warm hug. Somehow, Karishma calms down and understands that she should not force Renee for the task as she could anyway meet her mother after 5 weeks.
Karishma speaks to Renee and tell her not to perform the task forcibly and take her own decision. In a fit of dejection and childishness, Renee agrees to do the task but tears her family picture into pieces. Everyone get shocked at this point and back off feeling guilty and shocked.
The housemates talk about Renee’s action and realise it was not a good thing to coax her to bleach her hair. Pritam reasons that the rest of the house will be left feeling guilty if Renee agrees to colour her hair.
Diandra shows maturity while reasoning with Puneet and Gautam about Renee. She says when no man agreed to shave his head during the telephone task for Sushant, then why anyone should be forcing Renee to bleach her hair.
At 8.30 pm, BB summons Karishma again to the App room and ask her to choose any other leftover option if she wants to. BB also informs her that the housemates won’t get another chance to recharge the App battery henceforth. Karishma chooses to get her make-up back and leaves the App room satisfied leaving the App battery completely drained!
Later, Dimpy puts forth her point of view before Diandra, Puneet and Gautam regarding Karishma opting to have her make-up back. Dimpy says Karishma cancelled their luxury budget task by choosing an unimportant thing such as her make-up that ended up in emptying the battery. Everyone agree with Dimpy and criticize Karishma for the mindless and selfish act.
When everyone inform Karishma about the consequences of her decision, she fails to show any concern for the cancelled task and says “to hell with the luxury budget task. I just wanted my make-up back!”
Dimpy expresses surprise at Karishma’s selfish action and wonders if Upen coloured his hair blonde and Praneet let go off his wish only to get her make-up back. Pritam replies that Karishma has been selfish from day 1, and Dimpy should not be surprised by today’s event.
Thus, Puneet loses his chance of getting his wish fulfilled by way of the App task.


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