‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 44: Arya gets Puneet chucked out of the BB house!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
The day begins with Upen addressing an assembly of all the housemates and clarifying his decision to nominate P3G and Sonali was just as he was duty-bound to pick up the names.
Later, Karishma Tanna visits the confession room to shed a few crocodile tears for preferring her make-up kit over Sushant’s release from slavery on day 43.
At noon, the contestants are given the luxury budget task for the week named as ‘Oonchi Hai Building’. The housemates are divided into two teams – A) Diandra, Karishma, Ali, Arya and Praneet and B) Gautam, Pritam, Puneet, Sushant and Sonali. In the task, team B has to use blocks to make a building and at the same time keep moving a heavy chakki kept in the garden area. Whereas the opponent team has to make attempts to stop the chakki. If the chakki stops moving, the construction work of team B has to be stopped immediately.

The task begins at the sound of alarm and Arya quickly stands before the chakki to stop it from being moved by the opponent team. While other members of team B get on their toes to make the building, Puneet takes charge of moving the chakki.
Despite Puneet’s asking Arya to get off the chakki so that he could begin moving it, Arya refuses to budge and continues holding the wheel of the machine with full force. Puneet catches hold of Arya to remove him from the machine and puts him on the ground using a martial art technique. Arya ends up getting hurt as a result of Puneet’s violent act and breaks down into a fit of rage.
He goes inside the house seeking out BB to hear his complaint with Ali backing him completely.
BB calls Arya inside the confession room and asks him to narrate his part of the story. Arya asks BB what he should do when he has been physically hurt. He demands immediate action against Puneet for his violent deed. BB hints Arya to get back to finish the task first.
Arya leaves hoping BB to deliver justice soon.
In the garden area, Diandra and other members go about breaking the building blocks of Puneet’s team. Pritam stops Diandra from hampering the construction work where as Gautam and Sushant involve themselves in making the structure.
Praneet too attempts stopping the wheel but Puneet uses a bit of force to get him off the machine.
Gautam asks Puneet to help Sushant and others make the building and offers himself for moving the wheel. Puneet accepts Gautam’s offer and goes to the area where the construction work is under progress. However, Puneet ends up getting imbalanced and hurting Sushant’s eye.
Just then, BB announces the housemates to stop the task owing to the fish market kind of heated and chaotic atmosphere.
Inside the house, Diandra cribs about Pritam shoving her and pulling her hand to prevent her from running the building work. She complains why Gautam and others from the team are not standing up for her as they did in Sonali’s case.
Meanwhile, Puneet speaks to Arya while sitting in the porch and tries justifying his action. He says that what he did was only to get Arya off the machine so that he could at least begin moving it. Puneet adds that even Arya and Ali forcibly dragged Gautam to make him lose out in the captaincy task against Upen.
While having a talk with Puneet, Gautam says when he did not complain when force was used during the captaincy competition then Arya should have also kept quiet during the building task.
BB calls both Arya and Puneet inside the confession room, and asks them to share what they wish to say. Arya says had anyone else been in his place, then he or she would have made an issue out of Puneet’s action. But on his part, he only wants BB to take its own decision in the matter.
Arya has a conversation with Ali while sitting by the poolside at night and tells him that others are trying to provoke him to make a mountain out of a molehill. But he does not want Puneet to be shown the door but wants a harsh punishment for him.
Diandra puts forth her issue before Pritam while speaking to him in the kitchen. She says how wrong Pritam was in shoving her during the task. Pritam accepts his mistake (though he was scratched on his hands by Diandra) says whatever punishment BB gives him, shall be accepted by him.
After dinner, BB announces the final verdict on Arya’s issue. BB condemns the use of violence and expresses extreme displeasure at the forbidden action. BB further disqualifies Puneet from the show and asks him to leave.
Puneet packs his bags and Gautam gets teary-eyed seeing him bid farewell. Puneet takes leave after sharing a warm hug with every housemate.


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