Finally, Tanishaa Mukerji reveals why she broke-up with Armaan Kohli!

Thursday, October 9, 2014
While Armaan Kohli opened his heart out to the world and said whatever he had to about his break-up with Tanishaa Mukerji. The Bengali girl and Bigg Boss 7 runner up, had been speaking only via her spokespersons till now. However, she decided to speak up for a change and share her feelings on parting ways with Armaan.
In an interview to TOI, Tanishaa said that it was her way of dealing with things when she chose to stay mum about the break up all these days. She also blamed media for spreading false rumours about her marriage with Armaan when the idea was not at all conceived by the couple in the first place.

On why she could not consider getting married to Armaan, Tanishaa said that marriage is not something that you can get into on a whim. She feels that as adults, a decision on marriage should taken with much maturity. She also said that being different individuals, with different ideologies, she and Armaan decided to part ways.
The 36-year-old Tanishaa also shared the fact that there has been no pressure from her mother Tanuja for her marriage. Infact, the cool and unorthodox mom Tanuja tells her daughter to have kids if she wants to without getting into matrimony. But her mother did have a problem with Armaan, the question would arise. To this Tanishaa’s reply was that her mother and sister Kajol have supported her fully. And when it comes to taking lifelong decisions, her mother knows that eventually Tanishaa will realise what is right and what’s not for her. Tanishaa revealed that her mother was not okay sending her to the BB house as she would have to live without her darling daughter for 3 months!
And when it comes to working with Armaan on-screen, Tanishaa would think about the chance and perhaps give it a shot ‘coz she continues to maintain a professional rapport with him.


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