Bigg Boss 8: Did you feel injustice being meted out to Gautam during the captaincy task?

Friday, October 31, 2014
No matter how much Gautam tries, housemates can’t forget and forgive his one deed. When it comes to believing Gautam, nobody trusts him. The P3G gang (Preetam, Puneet, Praneet and Gautam) is falling apart and how!

And this became very apparent in today’s captaincy task. Gautam and Upen had to select two persons who would help them in their task. Gautam takes Puneet and Praneet. We see all the three discuss on how to make Upen lose task. Gautam with all faith wanted their genuine help. But alas, in the task Puneet and Preetam didn’t try a bit to make Gautam win.
If housemates themselves do not give Gautam a chance to prove or show his better side…do you think abandoning him will do any good? Shouldn’t housemates get over past and give Gautam one genuine chance? What do you think about today’s task where the game was just between Gautam vs. rest of the housemates?


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