Shweta Basu Prasad sent to a rescue home

Friday, September 5, 2014

We know that Shweta Basu Prasad was taken into police custody after being caught red-handed in a prostitution racket. However, the police have not arrested Shweta but sent her to a 'rescue home' where she will be stationed for three months.
Apparently, the police believe that Shweta is not really a culprit but a victim of the situation. She was therefore sent to a state run rescue home, where she will be provided with food and lodging, free of cost, for three months.

However, Shweta's accomplice in this business, a Tollywood assistant director by the name of Balu, has been arrested. Apparently, Balu, who became Shweta's agent, used to collect Rs 1 lakh from the well known businessmen. Balu is therefore arrested under the 'Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act'.
However, the only two names that have cropped up in the whole episode are that of Shweta and Balu. This has created quite a storm in the social media world. Why are the names of the wealthy businessmen being protected? We know that several influential people were involved in this happening. Who were those people who paid 1 Lalkh rupees to Balu? If the police caught them red handed, surely they know the names? Why are they being secretive about it? These are the questions that are being thrown at the police, and for which there has been no response.
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