Blast from the past: Rekha with husband Mukesh Aggarwal

Sunday, June 24, 2012
In 1990, Rekha married Delhi-based industrialist Mukesh Aggarwal. A year later—while she was in the US—he committed suicide, after several previous attempts, leaving a note, "Don't blame anyone"..

They look so happy together. Wonder what tragedy might have befallen this cute couple.. So sad..


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Mukesh had huge depression issues. Rekha married him with the best of intentions.She knew that she loved only this particular actor & had a relationship with him. But his image would not allow him to legalise the relationship.Worse still,he dumped her for another actress who is no more today.Rekha had her own demons to battle & sadly the marriage was not working for her. Mukesh was shocked when she asked for a divorce .He killed himself using her dupatta.

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