Suraj sent Jiah these 'abusive' texts an hour before her suicide!

Sunday, December 13, 2015
The Jiah Khan suicide case is getting murkier by the second with the chargesheet filed by CBI against actor Suraj Pancholi alleging him of pulling a foetus out of Jiah's body himself which led to Jiah suffering from a deep emotional scar.
Now as per a report published in Times of India, Suraj also sent 10 'abusive' text messages to Jiah an hour before her suicide - 

22:56 - Cal if u wanna talk
22:56 - Leave
22:57 - You just made my life a prison realy just wanted to eat food with K*** meet n**** and give her your new order..U f****** creep u spy on my shady f******* person! How will we ever work if you do this s***...I always trust you blindly.. Please leave me alone!
22:57 - U f***** it up for u!
22:58 - I am very unhappy
23:03 - U think I f****** am jealous of your success hahahahaha! F****** un greatful person
23:03 - Talk to n**** and find out for yourself what happened! I..wanted to surprise u on Thursday thanks for f****** it up…when u find out the truth talk to me before that don’t even think about it…how cud u spy on me! With n****! this is f***** up!
23:08 - call asap its urgent
23:21 - cal me now
23:21 - i wanna talk to u asap
According to TOI's report, the CBI's chargesheet against Suraj alleges that Jiah and Suraj had a misunderstanding regarding Suraj meeting a jewellery designer at a hotel but when Jiah called the woman to confirm the same, the latter told her that she was going to meet Suraj the next morning leading to Jiah accusing Suraj of lying. Suraj then called up the jewellery designer himself and asked her to clear the misunderstanding regarding the appointment with Jiah but her calls were met by a busy tone. Jiah's own repeated attempts to contact Suraj were not answered until he himself called her at 10.22 PM, reported TOI. Following this Jiah arrived at Suraj's house but was told that he was in a meeting with his father. Later that night, Suraj and Jiah had two heated phone conversations, following which Suraj sent her the above 10 text messages as per TOI's report. Jiah was found hanging from the bedroom ceiling fan at 11.20 by her mother who had returned home from a party.


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