Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Movie Review

Saturday, September 26, 2015
Kapil Sharma might enjoy an overwhelming fan following but the fact remains that he is no actor. He is a comic and far from being an understated one at that. He is loud, juvenile and in the case of this film, he seems disinterested to play up his hit vivacious side. It can't be good news that Arbaaz Khan has more laughs to offer than Kapil, with his Madhusudhan Phupha-ji reinvented avatar. Varun-Choocha-Sharma's impromptu gags were crackling. To put it bluntly, most actors in this film were better than Kapil who barely manages to evoke a smile with all his puerile antics on display. It is disappointing that the man who entertains prime-time audiences better than Arnab does in his Newshour, is mediocre in his debut film. Stage-fright, performance pressure and his attempt to portray himself differently pulls down Kapil. Varun and Arbaaz are left to pull the film on their wobbly shoulders, with poorly written characters to play. 

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is the story of a man who by 'haadsa' marries three women, while being in love with a fourth lady. The ladies become bffs, staying in the same building, chugging to healthy juices over jogs and are still oblivious to the fact that they are married to the same schmuck. In Abbas-Mustan's funny world women are bimbettes and men are clearly overachievers. Without even getting into how chauvinistic the story is, the problem is that it barely manages to make you smile (unless, you have a contrived sense of humour or are laughing at the film). For those who are looking for genuine fun, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon would make you wanna weep copious tears. Since when has fun dumbed down this miserably? We've grown up spending our Sunday lunches relishing mamma's chicken curry and laughing at Govinda's plight in Saajan Chale Sasural. This film despite being set in an era of far superior finesse than the Govinda starrer, is too superficial to make something as palpable. Added to that, Govinda was a master of such roles. It is nearly impossible for any actor to come close to his quick and perfect judgement of jest. 
You wish the film had enough mettle to entertain you but this situational comedy suffers not only from lack of novelty but also from lack of zest. Kapil hardly shows the promise that his television audiences swear by. Bollywood waters are testy terrains and the first wrong foot can often be decisive. In Kapil's case, this unimpressive first impression will linger. 
The film's falling logic screams at your face in the climax and by then you've run out of patience to tolerate the foolishness that its actors indulge in. There is a scene in which Kapil is drunk out of his wits and his too-hard-to-look sharabi act is clumsily done. It is unfortunate that everyone associated with the film has made this mess with the pre-conceived notion in their minds that our IQ too runs in negative, just like theirs. Missing the essential laughable quality, the film keeps you straight faced till the last scene when you want to ram the writer's head through the wall for advocating polygamy so conveniently. 
This hare-brained, idiotic buffoonery stoops too low for laughs and if you have any dignity and an inkling of respect for humour, give Kapil Sharma's debut debacle a miss. As Mrs Funnybones writes, nothing is life is sacred, except laughter....Respect it!
We rate it a 30% 


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