Parineeti's shocking revelation about the scripted Bigg Boss controversy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Recently, Parineeti faced criticism from a section of Twitterati and internet readers over a fake eve teasing incident that she enacted in Bigg Boss with inmate Ali. Many felt that faking eve teasing diminishes the seriousness of this massive problem in India.
Parineeti Chopra, along with the team of Kill Dil had promoted her movie on the Bigg Boss Weekend ka Var show. We all saw how Parineeti was miffed with Ali when she accused the Bigg Boss contestant of touching her inappropriately.

In explaining her actions on the reality show, Parineeti spilled the beans on the worst kept secret of this popular program. "Most of it, if not ALL of it, is scripted," she said.
"The idea of building up to the moment with Ali was that of Bigg Boss's creative team. We wanted to make the episode fun and interesting. I realise that this has hurt sentiments of some people, also of some women. That really was not my intention. My portions, Ranveer's portions and Ali's portions were scripted (Ali, the inmate). Ali is a friend, and my distant cousin, so there was no real issue here, " said Parineeti.


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